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Xtreme CNC CMMThe Xtreme is a revolutionary CNC CMM designed using a non-Cartesian structure and utilising linear motors and mechanical bearings. It is therefore an extremely robust, stand-alone inspection unit that is sold at a price that means precision measurements can now be made anywhere that you want them.Precision measurements in even the most extreme manufacturing environments - CMM accuracy wherever you need it.Designed using a non-Cartesian structure and utilising linear motors and mechanical bearings, as its name implies, the Xtreme CNC CMM provides a robust solution for providing precision inspection results. The unique CMM’s advantageous configuration ensures that it maintains its accuracy at very fast measurement rates and does not suffer from the accumulative inaccuracies th...
The height gauge V9 has been developed for the most demanding users. Laboratories and workshops for whom measuring reliability is determining will fully appreciate its exceptional precision level and its "Swiss Made" finish.Metrological performances have been the core of the development of this height gauge. No compromise on precision and repeatability have been tolerated. This is why some construction details, particularly probe holders differ from other models.The display, based on an entirely tactile interface, offers an ease of use never reached yet on a vertical measuring instrument. The menus and functions displayed obey to a very strict philosophy and design. This allows a great efficiency, even in complex tasks such as programming, 2D mode, angles measurements o...
• Capacitive absolute measuring probes, plunger type• Resolution 0.0001 mm• Measuring range from 5 to 25 mm• Plain bearing or ball bearing, integrated vacuum lifter on P5• Compatible with all Sylvac digital units• Excellent linearity• Interchangeable cables on most types
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Just to give users a better detection scheme
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Germany Black & how to solve the problem of measuring small modulus gear

Date: 2016-07-22
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How to ensure the quality of the micro system micro-planetary gear? A multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine, a fiber optic probe, and a set of specialized software makes it possible - using the scanning operation can even be quickly and accurately measure the tooth profile surfaces in accordance with the most stringent standards.
From -100 ℃ to + 200 ℃ of extreme temperatures, vibration, impact - maxon motor 瑞士萨克瑟 from grace under the most severe conditions and absolutely reliably complete the job. This makes them the first choice of the most unusual and challenging industries and applications, such as space exploration: for example, NASA's Mars Rover Spirit and Opportunity, are respectively equipped with 39 maxon motors. More than a decade, they have been on the Red Planet sinking under difficult conditions stable to work with.





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